Life Outside the Hospital

Enjoy the surrounding Cambridge community

Life Outside the Hospital

Life in Cambridge places you at the perfect starting point, whether you desire a day in the city, a hike in the mountains or a quick trip to the beach. Boston offers a wide array of opportunities to learn and enjoy a cultural melting pot in the heart of New England. These include:

  • Taking the T into Boston
  • Walking the Freedom Trail
  • Catching a theater production or a Red Sox game
  • Touring Fenway
  • Visiting world-class museums
  • Experiencing the breathtaking talent of the Boston Symphony Orchestra

Culinary adventures abound. From Mediterranean to Cambodian-French fusion, your palate will never be bored. Remember to visit the North End and try one of their famous Italian pastries. Also, don’t miss the fun of the Boston Chocolate Tours.

Want to spend time outside on your days off? Drive an hour south to Cape Cod, and an hour north to Maine beaches (and lobster). Or drive just over 2 hours to the White Mountains where residents have traditionally enjoyed and continue to enjoy many a fun weekend. In the Mount Auburn residency program, residents share very close friendships. We are often together, whether in the hospital or out and about taking in all that Cambridge and Boston have to offer. Our community is close knit and supportive — an enjoyable family.

Our Resident Wellness Committee organizes multiple wellness and social activities. At the 2022 Program Directors’ meeting in San Diego, our Chief Resident and Wellness Committee Leader presented our wellness activity as a workshop entitled “Boosting Morale of Residents During the Pandemic.”

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