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Extensive inpatient and outpatient training opportunities

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The inpatient and outpatient teaching services provide a robust experience for Internal Medicine residents at Mount Auburn Hospital. Our program is a premier training site for primary care medicine within the Harvard Medical School community. All our faculty members have a teaching appointment at Harvard Medical School and are passionate about training physicians to be outstanding clinicians, educators and leaders in health care.  

We have adopted an X+Y schedule paradigm and are a 4+1 program (4 weeks of exclusive inpatient work separated by 1 week of exclusive outpatient work). This X+Y paradigm allows our residents to fully experience their inpatient and outpatient rotations without feeling pulled in too many directions. Feedback from our residents and faculty has been fantastic, with each feeling that the residents have more focused space and time with their patients, treatment team and teaching faculty. Our elective time is an “X” experience, thus providing 4-week elective rotations that are not interrupted by continuity clinic.  

Learn about our inpatient teaching service.

Learn about our outpatient teaching service, including our continuity clinics.

Additional Primary Care Learning Opportunities

The outpatient teaching service uses the Yale Office-Based Outpatient Medicine Curriculum, which offers high-yield primary care topics.  

We supplement this curriculum with additional topics critical to outpatient training. Examples include:  

  • A series facilitated by the department of psychiatry. Residents attend conferences prior to the start of each clinic twice per ambulatory Y week. A resident leads the discussion, and a faculty member facilitates.   
  • A performance improvement project. Residents complete two performance improvement projects a year, which provides an opportunity to self-audit their panel of patients and make efforts to improve their patients’ health. 

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