Medical Records

Access to your hospital records

Your Medical Records  

You can access a portion of your medical records online any time through our MyChart patient portal. Your patient portal account includes test results and other details about your medical care.

At Mount Auburn Hospital, the office of Health Information Management maintains patient medical records.

How to Request Copies of Medical Records

You can call Health Information Management at 617-499-5665, ext. 3049, to request copies of your patient medical records. The office is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm (except holidays). 

If you would like a copy of an electronic record not found in MyChart, complete the Request Medical Records form under the Health tab in your MyChart account.  Please note: MyChart is for patient release only.

If you need a paper copy of your medical records, you must complete and sign an authorization form. This form also allows you to send and receive your medical information.

Mail your form to:
Correspondence, Health Information Management
Mount Auburn Hospital
330 Mount Auburn St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Email your form to:

Fax your form to
Correspondence, Health Information Management

Obtaining Medical Records of Deceased Individuals

Under HIPAA, only a “personal representative” of the decedent may access the decedent’s medical records.

One way an individual can be designated as a personal representative is if the decedent executed a durable power of attorney that specifically gives such individual authority to access the patient’s medical records after death.

Note that a healthcare proxy is not sufficient because a HCP’s authority expires upon the death of the patient.

When there is no such durable power of attorney. Massachusetts law recognizes the personal representative as the personal representative of the decedent’s estate appointed by the probate court. This requires probating the decedent’s estate. Information on how to probate an estate can be found here.


There is no charge to send medical records directly to another hospital, nursing home or physician.

Costs for personal copies of your medical record vary. We may charge a reasonable cost-based fee for producing and mailing the copies, pursuant to federal law restricting the release of medical records (45 CFR, 164.524).

For all other release of information requests, we follow state statutes governing medical record fees.

Birth and Death Certificates

Mount Auburn Hospital does not maintain copies of birth certificates or death certificates. To get these, please contact the City of Cambridge City Clerk’s Office at 617-349-4260.   

You also can make an online request for copies of a birth certificate or death certificate

Radiology Images- HIM can only provide Radiology Reports. For images, please contact The Film Library: at 617-499-5070.

Copies of Bills- For copies of bills contact Patient Finacial Services at: 617-655-6849.

Protecting Your Privacy

Your medical record is an important document protected by health privacy laws.

Your privacy is our priority. At Mount Auburn Hospital, we follow Massachusetts law related to the release of protected health information, or PHI. Our state law is stricter than the federal law.

To protect the privacy of your health information, you or your legal representative (guardian or person with durable power of attorney) must sign an authorization form to release protected health information.  

If you have questions about patient privacy, please contact the Mount Auburn Hospital Privacy Officer at 617-441-1665

Comments or Questions

If you have non-privacy related comments or questions about your medical records, please call Health Information Management at 617-499-5665, ext. 3049.