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Guiding you through treatment and beyond

Easing Your Path with Cancer Support & Survivorship Services

Cancer doesn’t just affect you physically. It impacts nearly every aspect of your life. At Mount Auburn Hospital, we understand the challenges the illness can present. We work to make your cancer journey as easy as possible. From the first signs of cancer through treatment and beyond, we’re here to support you and your family. We offer the physical, emotional and spiritual support you need to face your cancer head-on.

Coordinated Specialty Care

When you need help managing cancer-related concerns and symptoms, you benefit from the close-knit cancer support community at Mount Auburn Hospital. Our cancer care experts regularly work with other specialists throughout the hospital. They know each other — and they know how to collaborate to provide the best care for you. Cancer resources we offer include:

  • Behavioral health care: Offers emotional support and counseling.
  • Fertility preservation: Helps preserve your ability to have children after cancer treatment.
  • Home care: Provides medical and/or personal care in your home.
  • Hospice: Provides compassionate end-of-life care
  • Nutrition counseling: Helps you choose food that makes you feel better and stay strong.
  • Occupational therapy: Helps you learn to adapt or modify activities so you can function as independently as possible.
  • Palliative care: Works to help you manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life.
  • Spiritual care: Provides comfort as well as spiritual, emotional and ethical counsel.
  • Physical therapy:  Helps you safely build, maintain or regain strength, endurance and mobility.
  • Smoking cessation program:  Provides tools and information to help you quit smoking.
  • Social work services: Provides ongoing support and connection to resources.
  • Speech therapy:  Maximizes your ability to speak and swallow.

Support Groups

Connecting with others going through similar situations can often be helpful. Cancer support groups provide an opportunity for you to share your experiences, challenges and victories in a warm, caring environment.

Our breast cancer support group meets every other week. Other groups may be available as the need arises. Call 617-499-5665, ext.4656 for more information. If you prefer online or telephone support, visit CancerCare to find a group led by oncology social workers.

Cancer Education Resource Center (temporarily closed due to construction)

The Cancer Education Resource Center, located in the Mount Auburn Hospital library, has a variety of helpful resources. You’ll find print materials, DVDs and online information sources to help you better understand your own cancer diagnosis and treatment or that of a loved one. Trained support staff are available to help you locate specific resources and get answers to your questions.

Cancer Survivorship

Our Oncology team is available to help you through all phases of your cancer journey — including survivorship. We help you navigate the long-term effects of cancer treatment and help you meet your healthy living goals. We also work with you to provide follow-up care that’s best for your unique situation.

Coordinated Care & Support Following Treatment

Your cancer specialists will work with you to create a survivorship care plan that includes:

  • A schedule for follow-up appointments and tests.
  • Advice on managing side effects related to your treatment.
  • Recommendations to help you stay well.
  • Suggestions for successfully managing your physical and mental health.

If you need care for conditions related to your cancer treatment, we connect you to specialists at Mount Auburn who are ready to help.

You can learn more about what to expect on your survivorship journey from the American Cancer Society’s guide to life after treatment.

Wellness Programs for Cancer Survivors

There are a number of programs in the Boston area specially designed for cancer survivors. They may help you improve your well-being and make new friends.  In addition to the programs listed here, our social workers can assist you in finding other resources in the community.

Casting for Recovery

Fly fishing is an activity that provides gentle, rhythmic motions similar to exercises often prescribed after breast cancer treatments. Casting for Recovery offers free weekend retreats that allow you to enjoy fly fishing while enjoying some relaxation time and finding peer support. Find a breast cancer retreat near you.


Several YMCAs in the Boston area offer LIVESTRONG at the YMCA. This free, 12-week wellness program helps you improve your strength and your quality of life. Find a LIVESSTRONG at the YMCA program near you.


Rediscover the joy of movement, build strength and focus, and make new friends while rowing on the Charles River or at Boston University. This wellness and recovery program is for breast cancer survivors. Learn more about WeCanRow-Boston.

Wellness Warriors

Rise to the challenges of dragon boat paddling by joining Massachusetts’ only dragon boat team for cancer survivors and their caregivers. Learn more about Wellness Warriors.

Financial Assistance for Young Adult Cancer Survivors

Becoming a cancer survivor may come with financial burdens. SAMFund offers grants and resources that may help young adult cancer survivors. The grants can assist you as you pay off medical bills, build a family, look for a job and move forward with your life. Learn more about SAMFund.

Online Survivorship Resources

You can learn more about survivorship care plans, ongoing medical care and more through these trusted organizations:

Learn More About Our Cancer Support Groups

For more information about our breast cancer support groups and other cancer support groups offered at Mount Auburn Hospital, please call 617-499-5665.

Cancer Care

At Mount Auburn Hospital, you’ll never battle cancer alone. We’re here for you from screening and diagnosis through treatment and beyond.