Prostate & Urological Cancer

Exceptional care from expert physicians

State-of-the-Art Care for Prostate & Urological Cancer

If you’re diagnosed with prostate or urological cancer, you can count on the cancer specialists at Mount Auburn Hospital. Our focus is on you. We make sure you understand your disease and treatment options. And we make sure that we meet your specific needs. Here, you get the latest treatments, comprehensive support and a generous dose of compassion.

Personalized, Evidence-Based Treatment

Mount Auburn Hospital is a Harvard-affiliated facility. We offer you the most advanced care, but you’re never just a number. We understand the sensitive nature of urological cancer. And we do our best to put you at ease. We get to know you, your priorities and your concerns. And we take the time to answer your questions. Working with you, we develop a treatment plan that’s based on the best available medical evidence and what’s important to you.

Your treatment may involve surgery, including, if it’s right for you, minimally invasive procedures. These include laparoscopic surgery, which allows us to operate using special instruments and tiny incisions, and robotic surgery. Robotic surgery also uses tiny incisions and offers our surgeons exceptional precision. These procedures help you heal with less pain and scarring and offer a quicker recovery than traditional surgery.

Other treatments include chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immunotherapy. Our range of support and survivorship services help make your treatment and entire cancer journey easier.

Expert Prostate Cancer Treatment

Other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer that affects men. Fortunately, it can often be successfully treated. We offer holistic care and advanced treatments including:

  • Prostate brachytherapy – Implantation of tiny “seeds” that deliver safe doses of radiation directly to your tumor.
  • Radical prostatectomy – Surgical removal of the prostate gland and some surrounding tissue to prevent the spread of cancer.

Our doctors fully explain your treatment options so that you can make the most informed decisions about your care. Because prostate cancer sometimes runs in families, we also offer genetic testing. It may help family members determine if they’re at increased risk for prostate cancer. If so, we can help them develop a cancer prevention plan.

Types of Cancer We Treat

The expertise of our team enables us to provide treatment for many types of urological cancer.

  • Bladder cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Penis cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Testicular cancer

Cancer Care

We provide exceptional care for you at every stage of your cancer journey.