Lung Cancer

Expert diagnosis, evaluation and treatment

Rely on Our Expertise for Lung Cancer Care

If you’re diagnosed with lung cancer, you’ll find everything you need to fight the disease at Mount Auburn Hospital. We offer a caring team of specialists, the most advanced lung cancer treatments and support and survivorship services. We’re here for you. With screening, diagnosis treatment and follow-up, we help make a difficult time at least a little easier.

Proactive Lung Cancer Care

The earlier you detect lung cancer, the easier it tends to be to treat. That’s why we prioritize early detection. Our Lung & Respiratory Care team offers a comprehensive lung cancer screening program for people at high risk for the disease.

But our approach goes beyond simply screening. Our radiologists monitor all CT scans for lung nodules (abnormal growths). If doctors identify something suspicious, they notify your primary care provider and our team of specialists. We work to get you an appointment for evaluation within one business day.

Cancer Navigators Are Here to Help

From the moment you find out you have lung cancer, we make a cancer navigator available to you. These dedicated cancer specialists guide you through the process of what comes next. That might be more imaging tests, a biopsy or your first treatments. They answer your questions, help you schedule needed appointments, and serve as a connecting point for all the experts who take part in in your care.

Perhaps most importantly, our navigators provide a friendly ear and a shoulder to lean on. They’re at your side through your entire cancer journey and are ready to provide whatever support you need. They make sure you get the timely, high-quality care you need and never feel alone.

Your Personalized Care Plan

If we confirm that a lung nodule is cancerous, you’ll receive highly specialized care at Mount Auburn Hospital. We work with you to develop a treatment plan that considers the type of lung cancer you have and your specific preferences. That plan may include:

We focus on providing treatment that will be most effective for you. You receive the highest level of cancer care in a warm, friendly environment where your care team knows you by name — not by your number or diagnosis.

Once your treatment is complete, we provide all the follow-up care and monitoring you might need.

Your Caring Lung Cancer Team

Our job is to make sure you get the best lung cancer treatment available. To do that, we bring in a team of specialists. Our collective expertise ensures we can provide you with the highest level of care and support. Your team members include the following:

  • Coordinator
  • Interventional radiologists (doctors who perform minimally invasive, image-guided procedures)
  • Nurses
  • Oncologists (cancer doctors)
  • Pathologist (a doctor who examines cells and tissues to make a diagnosis)
  • Pulmonologists (lung doctors)
  • Radiation oncologists (doctors who treat cancer with radiation therapy)
  • Radiologists (medical imaging doctors)
  • Social worker
  • Thoracic surgeon (a doctor who operates on the lungs and other organs in the chest)

Types of Lung Cancer We Treat

At Mount Auburn Hospital, we treat all types of small-cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer:

  • Adenocarcinoma
  • Large-cell carcinoma
  • Mixed small-cell/large-cell cancer
  • Small-cell carcinoma
  • Squamous cell carcinoma

Are You at Risk for Lung Cancer?

Take this quiz from the American Lung Association to determine if you’re eligible for lung cancer screening and should speak with your doctor about being tested. 

Cancer Care

No matter where you’re at in your lung cancer journey, you’ll find expert care at Mount Auburn Hospital.