Superior diagnostic care

X-ray at Mount Auburn Hospital 

X-rays are one the oldest tools available for diagnosing health conditions. They remain a helpful way to understand what’s going on inside your body. They can also help your doctor track how well you are responding to a specific treatment. 

At Mount Auburn Hospital, we offer X-rays to help diagnose and monitor a range of conditions. We use the latest X-ray technology to provide you with clear, accurate diagnostic images.

How do I prepare for an X-ray?

There is no special preparation required for X-ray imaging, although you may be asked to change into a gown once you arrive.

What happens during the test?

Depending on which part of your body we need to examine, we’ll position you in a way that allows us to get the most accurate pictures. For the duration of the imaging process, you’ll be required to remain still for several seconds.

What risks come with X-ray imaging?

X-rays are considered safe and effective. However, with any X-ray imaging, you’ll be exposed to minimal doses of radiation.

What happens after the test?

Once we’ve successfully captured diagnostic images, a radiologist analyzes them and then shares the results with the referring doctor. Upon receiving the results, your doctor will contact you to discuss the findings.

Radiology exams

Your provider must submit a request for a radiology exam either through our electronic medical record or with a written order given to you. You may walk in during our hours of operation.