Postpartum Care

Expert, personalized support during your hospital stay

Postpartum Care at Mount Auburn Hospital

After you welcome your baby, you’ll move to a quiet, private maternity suite in our postpartum unit. There, our nurses will support you and your family as you prepare to return home together.

What To Expect

Get more details on what to expect in the hours and days after you deliver your baby at Mount Auburn Hospital.
Stay Close To Your Baby

Your birth team encourages you to room-in, or keep your baby in your room with you.

Not only will you get to know each other more quickly, but this practice has been shown to make breastfeeding easier. When your baby stays with you, they also are likely to cry less, be soothed more easily and sleep better.

One-on-One Nursing Care

Enjoy one-on-one nursing care during your stay in the maternity suite. Your nurse will care for you, answer your questions and help you learn how to confidently care for your newborn. You’ll partner with your nurse to learn how to:

  • Bathe your baby and care for the umbilical cord
  • Change diapers
  • Feed and burp your baby
  • Hold and support your newborn
  • Soothe and swaddle your baby
  • Take your baby’s temperature
Breastfeeding Support

Get the guidance and support you need to establish breastfeeding during your postpartum stay at Bain Birthing Center. You’ll benefit from:

  • Daily breastfeeding classes just for new moms
  • In-room visits from a certified lactation consultant
  • Nurses trained in teaching moms to breastfeed
Newborn Screening

When your baby is about two days old, we’ll do a routine screening for certain genetic, endocrine and metabolic disorders, as well as a hearing test. Additional optional screening tests may be available.

For more information, ask your pediatrician or visit The New England Newborn Screening Program.

Taking Your Baby Home

Expect to take your baby home one to two days after a vaginal birth, and three to four days after a cesarean birth.

Services We Offer

Our experienced team provides the full range of services during your pregnancy, during delivery and after the birth of your baby, including:
  • Breastfeeding education and support
  • Doula support
  • High-risk pregnancy care
  • Intervention options during childbirth
  • Midwife care
  • Parent education classes and programs

Pregnancy & Birth Care

Your Mount Auburn Hospital pregnancy and birth team coordinates care with other specialty providers throughout our hospital to ensure all your care needs are met.

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