Newborn Care

Specialty care for your new arrival

Newborn Care at Mount Auburn Hospital

When a newborn comes into the world needing specialized care and attention, nothing is more important than knowing that your baby is in the best of hands. At Mount Auburn Hospital, they are.

You want the best for your baby, starting on their very first day. Count on the experienced neonatologists, pediatricians and nurses at Mount Auburn Hospital to work with you to ensure your little one gets the care and attention they need. At Bain Birthing Center, our care team encourages you to room-in — or keep your baby in your room with you. We support rooming in by performing most necessary assessments and screenings in the room with the parents present.

Level IIB Nursery

When your baby needs special attention, trust the skilled physicians and nurses at the Level IIB (Special Care) nursery at Mount Auburn Hospital. Neonatologists — pediatricians with advanced training in caring for premature newborns requiring more specialized care — and skilled nurses staff the nursery 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Providers and their patients can rely on the experienced staff at Mount Auburn Hospital, and we look forward to ensuring our newborns and families get the specialty care and support they require.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our specially trained staff has the expertise and technology to stabilize any newborn and to care for babies born at 32 weeks’ gestation or older. We can provide respiratory support known as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) for as long as the infant benefits from this support.

What To Expect

The space features all private rooms—most of them with a view of the Charles River. We offer the option to have one parent or guardian stay overnight with their newborn. We offer technology that allows for secure 24-hour visiting through a web-based, password-protected live stream camera. This way, parents and loved ones can see the baby while away from the hospital.

Other features include central monitoring by a team of clinical experts, state-of-the-art stabilization equipment and a dedicated breast milk refrigerator in each room.

Family-Centered Special Nursery Care

You’re an important part of your baby’s care team. You’ll find multiple ways to stay involved and informed while your baby is in our special care nursery. Take advantage of:

  • Daily rounds: You can expect bedside meetings during which doctors and nurses discuss your child’s current condition and treatment plan.
  • Family meetings, as needed: This is dedicated time to sit down with your baby’s physician to discuss and plan care, as well as get answers to your questions.
  • Social work support: We have a dedicated Maternal and Child Health social worker who has regular hours to provide support for our families.
  • Support for breastfeeding: We offer daily lactation support. Pump at your baby’s bedside where your milk will stay in a dedicated breastmilk fridge for your infant.
  • Unlimited visiting hours for parents.
Support from Wherever You Are

Count on 24/7 access to your baby’s nurses and doctors no matter where you are. If you need to leave the hospital, we’ll give you a direct phone number to the nursery so you can call any time with questions or concerns.

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