Quality Measures: Pregnancy & Birth Care

Pregnancy and Birth Care

High-quality perinatal care gets your growing family off to a strong start. At Mount Auburn Hospital, you’ll find high-quality prenatal care that meets or exceeds national quality standards.

Safe Deliveries for Mom & Baby

When healthcare providers follow recommended best practices for labor and delivery, both moms and babies are more likely to enjoy safe and healthy outcomes.

Elective Delivery Rate

This data shows the percentage of women who delivered a baby between 37 and 39 weeks gestation without a medical reason. Babies electively born before 39 weeks may have an increased risk of health complications.

Mount Auburn Hospital: 0.0%
Massachusetts Average: 1.0%
United States Average: 2.0%

Cesarean Section Rate

This data shows the percentage of births that involved a cesarean section delivery. Cesarean sections are sometimes medically necessary, but for most low-risk pregnancies, vaginal deliveries are associated with a lower risk of complications.

Mount Auburn Hospital: 20.0%
United States Average: 25.0%

Support for Breastfeeding

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends babies be exclusively breastfeed during their first six months. Breastfeeding may offer health benefits to both moms and babies.

Exclusive Breastfeeding

This data shows the number of newborns who were fed only breast milk (no other liquids or solids except for vitamins, minerals or medicines) while in the hospital. This includes newborns who were bottle-fed breast milk.

Mount Auburn Hospital: 54.0%
United States Average: 50.0%

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